REVIEW: Portman and Kutcher explore a ‘No Strings Attached’ relationship

No Strings Attached

Kimiya Enshaian

Romantic comedy “No Strings Attached” puts an interesting spin on the humor and heartbreak that has now come to define today’s dating scene.

Emma (Natalie Portman) is a young doctor leading a mature and very hectic work life, while still holding on to immature love and relationship habits.

Adam (Ashton Kutcher) is her old camp buddy who she has kept in brief contact with over the years. He’s an under-appreciated playwright seeking to build his career from scratch, without the help of his famous father.

While these two seem to have nothing in common in the beginning, viewers get to trek back into yesteryear and see the comical memories they’ve shared with one another.

Like many connections, theirs simply never got a chance to develop into a relationship, though the chemistry between these two has always existed.

Each, with their own life struggles, are left alone to deal with the stress that life throws at them, until they discover the cure in one another.

The release that Emma truly thinks she wants is one that can be found in a solution that seems to be most men’s ideal. The solution is to engage in casual sex in an attempt to unwind without the fuss of a relationship.

This secret deal between the two, which at first intrigued Adam with its heavy mattress mambo and hush-hush allure, seems not to work as the viewer always gets a sense from Kutcher’s character that he feels a bit more than lust toward Emma.

When Adam begins to show deeper feelings, their “no strings attached” deal leaves his heart in knots as he tries to cope with his feelings of uncertainty and jealousy.

While there are comical witty scenes all throughout, this film pokes fun while also raising awareness of the epidemic of people enraptured in their personal needs, never attempting to dig deeper.

As the film progresses, inner feelings rise to the surface and casual sex seems to lose its simplicity. These friends with benefits now have to slowly attempt to conquer their inner and outer battles when it comes to accepting love.

Portman’s character relates to many young woman of today’s society who want to give in to love when its calling, while refusing to put themselves and their careers on hold.

Overall, this is a funny and thought provoking girls-night-out flick and a must-see for a date night, whether your strings are attached or not.