Opening your ears and mind to Deepsea Daniels

(From left to right) Shane Sussman, Alex Davani, Alex Thornton, Jason Wright of Deepsea Daniels. Kaylee Halliday/Courtesy 

Originating from Orange County, CA, psychedelic garage rock band Deepsea Daniels have released their debut album “What Have i Known.” Alex Thornton (lead vocals/guitar), Alex Davani (vocals/guitar), Shane Sussman (base/vocals) and Jason Wright (drums) released their album on August 27th with the lead single “The Place.”

The band came together not long ago, forming in early Feb. of this year. The members have known themselves for quite a while and have been jamming for much longer than just a couple of months. Thornton, Shan and Jason are all Saddleback College alumni.

“We mostly met each other here at Saddleback,” Thornton said. “Some of us knew one another by name or through mutual friends but we got close here. We realized we all played instruments and loved music so with the extra time we made the band.” 

Though their album is quite new, it is difficult to ignore their funky tunes. “The Place” and “Don’t You Do It!” are two songs that definitely get the blood pumping and absolutely hit the mood as you travel down Pacific Coast Highway with your windows down and speakers bumping. “Don’t You Do It!” is an instrumental song that goes hard with some punchy drum sounds and amazing guitar riffs. 

“‘Know Your Name’ is probably our favorite song next to ‘The Place’,” Wright said. “That was the first song that really kinda brought us all together so it has some sentimental value. That song and figuring out our bands name really brought us close, we were originally going to be called the Dirty Nasty and the Deepsea Daniels.” 

Seeing an up-and-coming local band is always a good time and great to watch. The band represents the cities many of the local listeners know and love. Each member adds their own creativity to make the music what it is. 

“Our biggest influence is King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizzard and The Beatles,” Thornton said. “I think pretty much every band is influenced by The Beatles in one way. Though when it comes to writing the lyrics and making the music we just go with what’s in our heads and play off of one another.”

Not only are the Deepsea Daniels using quarantine to their advantage as a creative outlet. Thanks to their fun lyrics and what they call their “psychedelic sounds,” they are getting some recognition. Not only from friends, family and fans, but also from a potential label head.

“I mean our main goal is to get signed right now,” Johnson said. “We are currently talking to a label but nothing is confirmed just yet. Quarantine has affected us by preventing us from getting gigs or concentrating on some wild ideas we have for a music video.” 

While they wait to get their name out with some gigs, Deepsea Daniels have not stopped working on their music. Already, they are writing their next album and trying to think of safer ways to produce a music video under quarantine restrictions. There seems to be no stopping the new Southern California band, and you can check them out down below. 

Instagram: @deepseadaniels

Youtube: Deepsea Daniels

Spotify: Deepsea Daniels