Is MLB’s The Show 21 worth the buy?

Kyle Hankins/Lariat

For the first time since 2013, a Major League Baseball game is coming to the Xbox Series. On April 20, MLB The Show 21 was released on both Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. For the first time, this game will also be cross-platformed, so users will play against people who do not have the same console. 

There are five different copies of the game that have been released with two different cover athletes. For the Standard Edition, the cover athlete was Fernando Tatís Jr., the shortstop for the Padres. At just 22 years old, Tatís Jr. is the youngest player to be the cover athlete for The Show while also being the first Padre ever selected. 

A Jackie Robinson Edition of the game will also be released that features a black and white photo on a field. Robinson was a second baseman for the Kansas City Monarchs and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The first copy is the Current-Gen Standard Edition listed for $59 that gives users 5,000 stubs with purchase. Stubs are used to purchase players or packs from the auction house for Diamond Dynasty. The second copy is the Next-Gen Standard Edition listed for $69 that gives users 10 The Show packs and 5,000 stubs.

The third copy is the Jackie Robinson Edition listed for $84. The items that come with this copy are a Jackie Robinson Bat Skin, a diamond choice pack for Diamond Dynasty, two gold choice packs, 10,000 stubs and 10 The Show packs. Lastly, the Digital Deluxe Edition and the Jackie Robinson Deluxe Edition are listed for $99.

With the Digital Deluxe Edition, users are given everything from the regular Jackie Robinson Edition in addition to an extra diamond pack, three more gold packs and 15,000 more stubs. The Deluxe Edition is disk only, but users are given everything from the regular Jackie Robinson Edition and a New Era MLB The Show hat. 

For those who love competitive sports games, this game is for you. You are given eight different modes to play with, like the Home Run Derby, online exhibition matches, Franchise Mode online and offline, March to October, Road to the Show, and Diamond Dynasty. 

One of San Diego Studio’s most advertised modes in this game is Diamond Dynasty. Diamond Dynasty is an ultimate team mode where users can build their own current and former players and battle it out with other players online. 

The Show also added to their already existing mode Road to the Show. Road to the show is a single-player mode where users can create their own player, choose their own team and position, and go up the MLB pipeline as their own player. 

Users are given the choice of either a two-way player that both pitches and bats or are just one of these. This has been a big request from the gamers since Angels player Shohei Ohtani was added to the games.

In addition to your Dynasty player showing up in free agency on the franchise mode, the studios added a new feature that you can play with the same player in Diamond Dynasty.

Users earn these players from winning games and earning packs from them like the diamond packs and gold packs. Users can also get players by earning stubs from playing people online or winning different challenges in modes like the Moments mode, where users replay different times in MLB history.

MLB has done a great job creating a simulation game that can carry online servers from both PlayStation and Xbox Series. With the new edition of cross-platform play, the stadium creator, two-way players and cross-progression, this is a fun game to pick up on any platform.