Harry Styles turns Kia Forum into his house for 15-day residency

Harry Styles at the Kia Forum Night 12 | Lloyd Wakefield

Kia Forum is “harryfied” head to toe.

Fans have been getting their sleepover bags ready for the opening of Harry’s House ever since the drop day of the tickets back on May 25. Harry Styles dropped his last album “Fine Line” back in 2019 and has not stopped touring for the past 2 years, even with the release of his newer album “Harry’s House”. 

His new tour, named “Love On Tour” is different from the last because it consists of residencies across the states and Canada.

He started in New York, Styles sold out 15 nights at Madison Square Garden and proceeded to Toronto for 2 nights, Austin Texas for 5 nights, Chicago for 5 nights, and will end in Los Angeles at the Kia Forum for 15 nights.

The Kia Forum has been “harryfied” head to toe in photo opportunities of song lyrics on the actual venue itself and with merch stands on every corner in the parking lot. Alongside the Kia Forum, giant letters on top of the venue “Harry’s House” in giant white letters is a new addition for the 15 days Styles will be there. Boa feathers cover the floor of the parking lot and are greeted by fans complementing one another. Sequence, glitter and feathers are a must to get into “Harry’s House.”

Dads, moms and uncles came dressed up in boas and glittery outfits. Tagging along with their daughters and sons to support Styles they came prepared.

“I didn’t even have to force him to come with me, he willingly wanted to come and put the boa on hoping Harry sees him,” says Emilia Graciela on bringing her dad to the show.

Ben Harper is the opener for this tour and is the perfect fit being that he gifted his guitar to Styles for the writing process of his latest album. Harper performs slow but upbeat music that gets the crowd up and singing. Harper then covered “Boyfriends” by Styles which lit up the entire place with flashlights. After a thirty-minute set Harper thanks Styles for allowing him to perform and travel with him on this tour and steps off as the lights start to dim back up.

The cold venue suddenly turned warm when all the fans started cheering and talking amongst each other guessing what outfit Styles was going to wear. Being that this was “harryween” a yearly event that started last year, people were confused and clueless about what his costume was going to be. Halloween is certainly not the only day that fans guess his outfit, Harry Lambert is Styles’ stylist and dresses him in crazy patterns, sparkly shirts, and vests that fans re-create themselves for the shows.

“I think he’s going to be Beetlejuice, I just have a feeling that or Willy Wonka” Lily Villavicencio on what Styles is going to wear.

The lights dim and screeching screams fill the venue walls, the song “You’re the one that I want” from Grease starts playing and fans start yelling “Danny Zuko”. Suspense still fills the room because the only people on stage are his band members who are setting up while in their “Grease” costumes. As the music stops the intro starts playing on the big screen above everyone, a little square in the middle of the stage opens up towards the end of the video, and there comes Styles in his Danny Zuko outfit. 

Harry Styles and band backstage at the Kia Forum on Halloween | Lloyd Wakefield

Styles does not miss one beat to this first song “Daydreaming” and covers every inch of the stage with his presents continuing to wave to everyone and light up the room. Dancing is expected and not just by Styles himself, fans were copying his movements as if they had already 

seen this show over and over again. Bringing the attention to the crowd themselves he brings the lights up and walks around to look at posters people have brought out for the night, one of them saying “help me come out tonight”. Styles has been known for helping people feel comfortable in being who they truly are and helping them come out

Don’t let the beautiful and soft music trick you into thinking fans won’t go crazy anymore, towards the end of the energy-filled show Styles goes back to his roots to sing “What Makes You Beautiful”. The venue was taken back to 2011 for 3 minutes and Styles made the whole crowd jump. 

One last song approaches and Styles showman presence seems as if he has taken 9 shots of expresso and has no intentions to stop. His popular song “Kiwi” off his first self-titled album “Harry Styles” begins to play. Ending with the “whale” a tradition Styles started in his first tour, he fills his mouth up with water, walks to the end of the stage, and spits the water above him to the ending beat of the song then quickly after waving he runs off the stage.

“Listen I never thought I would be wearing a sparkly outfit and bringing my daughter to see a 28-year-old man sing but the guy has talent. He does put on a good show and you can consider me a Harry fan now” Carlos Gallegos on how he felt after the concert.

Styles has 5 more shows left in November being that he had to postpone 3 of the previous shows due to band illness. Those new show dates are Jan. 26, 27, and 29 which gives some fans some time to go check out Ticketmaster for new sales. Some were upset with Styles because they flew from different states or even countries to see him perform only to find out the shows were postponed one hour before the show. Any artists set to perform at the Kia Forum any time soon better watch out because Styles has become the king of the Forum.