Entice rocks out at Chain Reaction

Entice’s dedicated fans enjoy their show at Chain Reaction. (Andrew Bennett)

Katie Widner

An eclectic mix of music enthusiasts adorned with everything from leopard tights and cowboy boots to converse sneakers, crowded just below a “no stage diving” sign at the all ages Chain Reaction club in Anaheim Thursday night. T-shirts lined the walls paying homage to famous bands such as My Chemical Romance, All-American Rejects, and Plain White T’s. As the band Entice entered, the punk rock, bohemian mix of fans in front of the stage were ushered by the lead singer to crowd closer. Throughout their 30-minute set, the four men on stage found no difficulty in holding the attention of the human sea before them.

“They are really good,” said listener Frances Hernandez, 18, from her usual perch behind the snack bar counter. “Their music is clean and I see a lot of potential.”

An employee of the venue for two years she’s witnessed tons of performances and early shows of now well-known bands like All Shall Perish and Comeback Kid. Now a veteran of the business, she knows good music when she hears it.

As an affirmation of their talent, Entice has a slew of accomplishments under their belt. They were invited to perform on the Vans Warped Tour the last three years, and have toured all through Japan and Korea.

“We are an epic chorus, piano driven rock band, with inspiring lyrics and catchy melodies,” said Isaac Leland, 21, founder, singer-songwriter, pianist, and rhythm guitarist of the band. “Our inspirations are Radiohead, Coldplay, Muse, and Jimmy Eat World.”

A former Saddleback College student, Leland left before earning his degree.

“I went for a few semesters but tour made me stop for now,” said the San Clemente native. “I will continue school if I have to get a regular job.”

Although the band is technically four years old, it underwent a face-lift in the last year. Three former members were exchanged for new ones, apparently due to lack of dedication.

John “Big boss” Keppler, the band’s manager, has been involved with Entice since the “very beginning” when he met Leland through friends four years ago.

“As a band grows and matures, sounds mature, levels of talent mature and sometimes the people don’t grow,” he said in regards to the changes.

The band will be releasing their debut album in the next few months. As a result, they have been busy recording at the Orange Crush Recording Studio in Santa Ana.

“The studio we’re recording in sounds so good,” said Kevin Brunhober, 20, bass player for the band and Fullerton City College student. “This is the first professional going for the gold band I’ve been in. The upcoming album is awesome.”

Fans seem to generally agree that their favorite songs are the intense yet melodic “Watchman” and the fast paced and sexy “Who’s Got Your Money.” The contradicting nature of these two songs affirms the diversity of the band, who during their short performance at Chain Reaction touched on an array of themes, including dancing, partying, and preserving the environment.

“Music is what we do for real, all the time,” said Tony Chopp, 26, the band’s guitarist, while standing outside of the venue after their performance. “It’s constant work outside of playing shows.”

Chopp came out to Southern California for the sunshine and music three years ago and to “live the dream.” The band is now his full-time job.

“We had a few different people here tonight to check us out; we had a guy from Sony Records and another gentleman from a smaller record company,” said Chopp.

Entice is in currently in the process of arranging their summer tour. Their music is available for purchase on iTunes and is featured on Rhapsody.



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