Abraham Woodhull capture’s hearts in the Revolutionary War spy epic ‘TURN’

Abraham Woodhall on the poster for "Turn." (Courtesy of AMC)

Abraham Woodhull holding up an American flag on the poster for “Turn.” (Courtesy of AMC)

The 13 colonies committed to a Revolutionary War against the Queen of England in 1776, who had her British Redcoats control  on the New World colonies in America. AMC’s “TURN: Washington’s Spies” was still finding its feet in the first season as it introduced the first spy ring headed by Gen. George Washington of the Continental Army.

Abraham Woodhull, played by actor Jamie Bell, introduced in the first episode,  plays a farmer who turned  companioned by his childhood friends to confront the British abusive treatment of the townspeople. The friends turned into patriots in the town of  Setauket.

A British officer is murdered which Abe’s ex- Anna the ex girlfriend engaged to Abe before his father Judge Woodhull  other son died resulting an obligation he put on his son Abe to take the window to Marry and bear child. Abe pleases his father into a bad result for  himself not to be in love with his wife in this he is confused to the point he is not predictable on his intentions to his family keeping them out of the thoughts for his cause to be a spy.  Anne’s  husband gets arrested then  Abe’s father doesn’t like Anne to be close to Abe. The Judge Woodhull  puts Anna on the espionage list as spies because she is Abe’s true love.. As  Abe been starting to visit Anna at her bar job in the town of .Setauket. While trying to exonerate herself, Anna goes through Joyce’s her jailed husband belongings and finds a letter that may help her.

Judge Woodhull, Abe’s father is the magistrate of their town, Setauket .The Judge Woodhull is unaware of Abe’s intentions to spy for Washington which later Abe will have to make excuses on every turn of their father son relationship. Judge Woodhull and Abraham Woodhull is bringing hogs to market, and Abe is now to be his business.Abraham going to help turn the tide for General Washington’s Continental Army by spying on the redcoats in New York.

At the end of the second episode, Abe had decided spying was too risky for his family – and Anna Strong – so he’s trying to fly straight by working for his father, the savvy magistrate who has business connections with the Brits in New York.

“Turn,” with its third episode, “Of Cabbages and Kings.” The show, set during the Revolutionary War, is still finding its legs, with some worried about whether or not that will ever fully happen…or if the visual effects will ever improve. Anna emerges as a favorite, as we focus on a cabbage-centric espionage plot. The Judge Woodhull position as the town’s who helps Abe to get get close to the British Commander rule . Anna uses her influence to get  Abe to pursue to spy for the Revolutionary Patriots  still puts his family out of the loop. Their are two seasons on Netflix as the  Episode’s have all  many well scenes in the plot in this true story.