Pianist Susan Boettger and friends perform at Saddleback McKinney Theatre

Elizabeth Ortiz


On Sunday Jan. 22, acclaimed pianist Susan Boettger, brought fellow musicians, cellist June Sung Chung, and violinist Kevin Kumar for a performance at Saddleback’s McKinney Theatre.

“I’m so excited to perform with my dear friends,” said Boettger, the Director of the Keyboard Department at Irvine Valley College and the Artistic Director of the IVC Keyboard Series.

Instructor Kirill Giladkovsky was also excited by the musical performance “Were very happy to have Susan Boetiger and her friends presenting works of Beethoven, Arensky, Shostakovich, Pietzel.”

“The purpose of my music is to express my deep feelings” said cellist Joon Sung Jun, a faculty member at Cal St. Long Beach.

Violinist Kevin Kumar, a soloist with several Orchestras in Southern California, said “I’m not only crazy about classical music, but bringing it to a wide audience too”. Kumar added ” I’m a violinist and the wonderful thing about the violin, is there areso many wonderful works throughout time written on the violin.”