‘Smoke + Mirrors’ stays true to style

Imagine Dragons' new album was released February 17. (Courtesy of Interscope Records)

Imagine Dragons’ new album was released February 17. (Courtesy of Interscope Records)

Believe it or not, Imagine Dragons has not released a studio album since the very popular winner of the 2012 Billboard Music Award for Top Rock Album, “Night Visions,” produced by Interscope Records, featuring classics such as “Radioactive” and “Demons.”

The band has stepped out of hiding and are most certainly still relevant.

Their latest album, “Smoke + Mirrors,” self-produced and released Feb. 17, premieres 13 originals that will slowly send you into a different dimension.

The journey begins with “Shots,” a tantalizing compilation of electronic beats, an angelic chorus, a few killer guitar licks and a simple yet catchy drumbeat.

Next, “Gold” uniquely uses stylistic transitions to evoke a variety of moods from elation to depression.

Then, lead singer Dan Reynolds will slowly serenade you, in “Smoke and Mirrors,” a soothingly slow paced track that leads you deeper and deeper into a tranquil state as the song plays out into “I’m So Sorry,” which stays true to the album’s diversity in style.

“I Bet My Life” successfully transcends between that classically crisp studio sound to a concert feel.

Onto “Friction,” which presents an almost tribal sound the band has made their own, infusing the modern with the ancient in a unique alternative experience.

“The Fall” is an epic conclusion to their latest work of art.

As the seasons change so follows the hypnotic notes of every song. The album as a whole is well thought out and quite enjoyable.

Not to mention how amazing the cover turned out: a black backdrop, hands tied up with what appears to be some sort of gold rap releasing a robin.

Although it is still extremely early in the year, there is definitely a strong possibility for a Grammy nomination.

Congratulations Imagine Dragons!