Saddleback students reveal details from their Spotify Wrapped

Spotify wrapped is out this year (in case you haven’t seen a hundred posts by now). Music taste can say a lot about who we are and many take pride in it.

We had the pleasure of interviewing students on their top artists and songs.

Left to right: Don Toliver, Travis Scott, The WeekndHabiba Radwan, a business administration major, revealed her top artists included The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Trippie Redd and Don Toliver.

“The Weeknd says more about my calmer side… Travis Scott and Trippie Redd say more about, like, my more upbeat kind of side,” she said.

Left to right: Wallows, Woozy, and the album cover of “Different State of Mind”

Brent Garbers, a psychology major, mentions his top artists were Coin, Wallows, Still Woozy, Bad Suns and Dayglow.

His top songs included “Different State of Mind” and “Cooks.”

Left to right: Chris Brown, “Rough Drafts 2” album cover and “C.A.B.”

Grace Nayraki, a real estate and accounting major mentioned listening to “Snap Ya Neck” by Trevor Jackson And “C. A. B.” by Chris Brown. 

Top to bottom: Aracde fire, album cover of the “Her” original score

Anna Munoz, listened mainly to instrumentals, such as Arcade Fire.

“I listen to one movie playlist on repeat which is from the movie ‘Her’ — that [was where my] top song [was from] — ‘Song on the Beach‘. Other ones are just other instrumentals.”

Left to right: Joyner Lucas, NF, “HEROES AND VILLAINS” album cover

Sam Haidary listened to Metro Boomin’s new album, HEROES AND VILLAINS,  with songs such as Niagra Falls. He also listened to Joyner Lucas and NF this year.

Left to right: “Rap Snitch Knishes” album cover, “My Son John” album cover, “Something in the Orange” album cover

William Walker, an art major, revealed his top artists included Kanye West and Death Grips.

“My top songs were Something in the Orange by Zach Bryan, My Son John by Smokey Bastard, Rapp Snitch Knishes by MF Doom, Charmander by Amine and The Unholy Hand by the Bronx,” he said. 

Left to right: “Hotel California” album cover and TheFatRat

JC Hostick, a history major, claimed is top artist was TheFatRat despite not listening to him much.

I don’t even listen to him, [yet], I’m in the top 3 percent. Like, I have some songs in my Playlist, but I don’t listen to TheFatRat,” he said. “My number one song was “Hotel California” which I actually listen to a lot.”

vs self Demo album cover, “Days” album cover

Kiyyaa Semeret, a journalism and new media major, explained his top artist of the year was vs self. His top song was “Days” by Vacations.

I’ve streamed ‘Days’ 115 times in August 2022,” he said.  “I have over 77,000 hours of music streamed.”

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