Majid Jordan demands attention with ‘The Space Between’

Warner Bros. Records released Majid Jordan's "The Space Between" Oct. 27.

Warner Bros. Records released Majid Jordan’s “The Space Between” Oct. 27. (Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records)

When it comes to music, more specifically, hip-hop, the buzz doesn’t get any bigger than that which surrounds Drake. Drake is arguably the biggest name in the music and entertainment industries. When he drops music, you typically stop the music you’re listening to and bump his new hit. While he is the owner and frontman for his label October’s Very Own, the rest of the firm is not to be slept on. Drizzy doesn’t miss when he creates new music, and he he’s been on the mark when he hand-selects new artists to join his camp. The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, NAV, Belly, Roy Woods, DVSN — have all found success and notoriety through their music that deserves respect. An endorsement from Drake is a big deal.

While The Weeknd is easily the most successful of Drake’s signees, Majid Jordan might be the most unique. Majid Jordan is a duo from Canada. The voice Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman create a mysterious, hypnotic style of hip-hop that creates a vibe that is their own. Majid’s light yet resonant voice mixed with Jordan’s entrancing use of synths, bass drums, and snares produce music that is smooth and easy to listen to.

Their newest album, “The Space Between,” definitely separates their sound from anybody else. This followed their 2014 EP “A Place Like This,” and their 2016 self-titled debut album which established their spot on the map. Tracks like “Small Talk”; “Forever”; “Warm”; “Every Step Every Way”; “All I Do”; their collaborations on Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”; and “My Love” (feat. Drake himself,) have all made Majid Jordan a name to be on the lookout for.

The duo didn’t take long to make a splash again, but “The Space Between” might make some serious waves. The album was teased with singles “Body Talk,” “One I Want (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR),” which is a song about still wanting an old flame even after experiencing success and “My Imagination (feat. DVSN) which is a reminiscent song about a love that went wrong but still lives in on their mind.” Throughout their progression and evolution, the duo has created moody, expressive R&B, introspective songs about romance and relationships, all the while being able to capture the hopefulness of youth, especially in today’s culture. With this album, it feels as if they were finally able to capture their true sound: a balanced, expressive, rhythmic collection of emotions and events.

When asked what the duo did differently on this album, Jordan said, “I just focused on making good music that we’re gonna listen to in 10 years. I just wanted to make things that weren’t going to get tiring, or anything… This whole thing is seamless. I did all the transitions, it flows. You’re not supposed to know when track 3 ends and track 4 finishes… It’s the space between.”

Jordan explained the concept of the album, saying, “The first song …  sounds like you’re getting on the highway … You’re getting on the highway and it’s a 50-minute excursion on the highway, and you’re just going through your emotions. … We feel that a lot, we listen to music in the car and it evokes different emotions from us, and then we get inspired to make more music.”

Having an individual or unique sound is often what keeps artists in the game rather than quick success stories disappearing from the scene faster than they arrived. Through “The Space Between,” Majid Jordan were able to define and spread their original style, humble swagger, and unmistakable sound that will surely keep them trending.