Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are a force to be reckoned with in ‘Thunder Force’

Melisa McCarthy as Lydia and Octavia Spencer as Emily, star in the Netflix Original “Thunder Force.” Netflix/Courtesy

Director Ben Falcone releases another one of his comedies as a Netflix Original with producer Melisa McCarthy and academy award winner Octavia Spencer, starring as superheroes fighting ‘miscreants’ in “Thunder Force.”

The comic book vibe introduction and a brief throwback to elementary school versions of both characters hit the nail on the head compared to both actresses ’ adult roles. Watching a miniature McCarthy on screen is just another perk of Falcone’s film.

Falcone is a familiar face in all of McCarthy’s roles. Bridesmaids, The Heat, Identity Thief, Tammy, The Boss and Life of the Party are all movies where he makes an appearance. His features aren’t surprising, considering he is married to McCarthy, and their work together is hilarious.

McCarthy’s younger character is played by Vivian Falcone, McCarthy and Falcone’s oldest daughter. There’s no question why she wouldn’t play the role of the younger version of her mother. Not to mention that she is the spitting image of McCarthy and her talent is undeniably much like her parents.

Enter Jason Bateman showing off his dynamic acting skills. Honestly, who doesn’t love Bateman and his dad-vibes? Although, that’s not the point here. Bateman still utilizes his condescending sarcasm throughout his screen time, and the corny comedy is just something you have to put up with as his love interest is a match we have seen before.

Spencer’s role comes off as more serious and stiff, but McCarthy’s comic relief undoubtedly comes to the rescue. Needless to say that Spencer’s role is an essential part of the duo’s on-screen relationship.

Pom Klementief, known for playing Mantis in “The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” is one of the villains known as Laser in “Thunder Force.” Her character is very awkward and comes off as a typical henchwoman who is addicted to power.

The King, played by Bobby Cannavale, has experience playing many different characters, but this time, he plays the bad guy. With a political agenda, his character creates havoc to influence his leg up in the race. Cannavale brings a childish charm out of his character and does a convincing job portraying a supervillain.

With the understanding of Falcone’s past films, fans of McCarthy won’t hesitate to watch the movie. The film is just another masterpiece created by Falcone and McCarthy that can be added to the list of Falcone films.