REVIEW: Do you hear that Echo?

Their hit music video “Good Morning” includes several scenes shot in
Orange County and locals you might be familiar with. Echo Echo has their
own sound, kind of an alternative indie rock, but genres are mostly
opinionated. Either you want to dance and jam out, or slow dance with
lighters in the air. They are a real band, making real music, with real
love for what they do.

Echo Echo is Andrew Wesley, Bruce Yolken, Darren Carr, Jameson Burt and Steve Carson. From Santa Ana, Calif., the band has played at venues like The Observatory in Costa Mesa and Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.

“There is no formula for creating art,” said lead vocalist Steve Carson. “You may have found a way that is currently working for you, but at any given time that way could change and you’ll find yourself writing your next lyric or humming your next melody in the most random place.”

Currently, the quintet is working on their next “offering”, as Carson calls it, scheduled to be released this year.

“I call it ‘our home’. We’ve been there for over 10 years and it’s been an invaluable component of the band,” Carson said, of the band’s private studio in Santa Ana. “It’s allowed us to write, produce, record and rehearse all in one place… besides countless nights of just killing time enjoying each others company.”

In the past, they have made records at studios including the Compound Studio in Signal Hill, Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood, Action Go Now Studios in Hollywood, and Sound City in Van Nuys. A few of their favorite venues have not lasted, like The Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest and now the Detroit Bar. It’s a struggle for more than musicians to watch popular venues shut down.

“This leaves bands, fans, and music scenes looking for new refuge and a place to call home,” Carson said.

Over the years, Echo Echo’s energy, inspiration and drive most commonly has come from the need and desire to express feelings and experiences through music.

“A catharsis,” Carson said. “The desire to connect with people and share my feelings and passion has always been at the forefront.”

Carson has a mesmerizing voice similar to Caleb Followill from Kings of
Leon, but a unique tone and rasp that sets him apart from any other
singer. Wesley smashes the keyboard and percussion, multitasking background
vocals with lead guitarist Burt. Yolken rips the bass to shreds and Carr bangs out the drums, creating a dist. Aside from performing a kick-ass show and producing extraordinary music, these guys are quite possible the most humbling, down to earth to reside here in Orange County.

“Over the past few years we’ve come to realize that it’s important for people to love you what you do or hate it.” Carson said. “The people in middle don’t matter. Indifference is not sexy.”

Echo Echo will be headlining Rockin’ A Cure for CF5 benefit on Saturday, May 17 at 4 p.m. – 10 p.m. at the Garden Grove Festival Amphitheater. Rockin’ for a Cure is raising funds to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis and have several performers, vendors and sponsors, who will also be a part of the event. Tickets are $15 General Admission and $20 VIP.