‘Jesus is King,’ not just an album, but also a short film

Kanye West not only released an album, but a short film about it was well.

The East Tunnel of the Roden Crater that part of the film takes place in. (Startpage)

Kanye West’s newest album, “Jesus is King” released last Friday after having several delays dating since late September last year. West finally released his newest work with a little twist, he created a short concert film that was filmed at the Roden Crater in Arizona with the help of British fashion photographer Nick Knight.

Usually when people think of a short film, they might  think of it as a feature length film, but condensed as short and condensed as possible, like less than an hour. However, “Jesus is King” really shows off more of the concert feel than that of a short film.

The film feels more like an entire music video that’s made up several of West’s songs and his Sunday Service group, who debuted at this years Coachella. Several of West’s songs that are included on his album are sang in the film, along with some piano renditions of classics such as “Street Lights,” from the “808s & Heartbreak” album from 2008.

Not only does the film feel like a giant music video, but the way it was filmed was very unorthodox compared to other forms of video media. The perspective that the camera puts you in looks is as if you’re looking through several small camera lenses that we’re placed in several different areas or even looking at the light at the end of a tunnel.

The camera lens point of view gives you different views of Roden Crater, making you feel like you’re actually in the area itself. From a ground view looking up to the sky of the crater, all the way to slowly making it feel like you’re walking through the East Tunnel.

The camera angles that are used really give an unorthodox way of filming scenes, which feels very artsy.

“I’m a big Kanye fan, but I’m a bigger fan of music,” said one attendee named Daniel. “I like the sound, and how it was in that Roden Crater.”

There are several people who enjoy what West brings to the table, from who he is as a person, all the way to his music, but the actual music itself is something people can find joy in too.

While West does make an appearance in the film, he doesn’t stand out, compared to the several Sunday Service members who are dressed in brown gospel robes. The robes add a more religious feel to the film rather than a hip-hop one that West is usually associated.

From the very different unorthodox camera angles, location and even the sound of the music, Knight helped West film something that you don’t normally see.