Jazz ensemble hosts a night of nostalgic music

Joey Sellers (on the microphone) conducted and hosted a memorable night of jazz (Jonathan Anson)

Joey Sellers (on the microphone) conducted and hosted a memorable night of jazz (Jonathan Anson)

Jazz studies teacher Joey Sellers and his students moved to the beat in the McKinney Theatre at Saddleback College on March 9.

The night began with an orchestrated rendition of Charle Parker’s “Scrapple from the Apple.”

The strains of the song set the tone for the rest of the night.

After the piece Sellers welcomed attendees to the concert and thanked them for attending.

The concert continued after this brief pause with the musicians being led by Sellers in playing John Coltrane’s “Blue Train.”

This was followed with an upbeat playing of Art Blakely’s “Free for All.”

Sellers then introduced vocalist Laurie Lewins to the stage.

Lewins and the band performed a catchy rendition of Vernon Duke’s classic song “Taking a Chance on Love.”

She continued to perform alongside the with “They Can’t Take That Away from Me” by the Gershwin Brothers.

Lewins left the stage as the band played “Yardbird Suite” by Charlie Parker.

Sellers then welcomed Lewins back to the stage again to help sing the night’s final vocal piece, “Lover Man” by John La Touche and Duke Ellington.

Sellers finally took time after this composition to introduce the individual musicians of his jazz lab, which was met with firm applause from the audience

This final mid-song interlude was then followed by the last song of the night, “Room 219″ by Benn Clatworthy.

Gil Olinger, an audience member and father of guitarist Ethan Olinger, was very impressed by the concert.

“I enjoyed the show.,” Olinger said. “I’m particularly proud of my son being around such fine musicians.”