Into The Woods

The play showed on Friday, April 5th at the McKinney Theater at Saddleback College was a family-friendly play, mixed in with many Classic fairy tales in search for a need in which each character desires, and they adventure out through the woods in order to seek their independence and happiness; this play is called “Into The Woods.”

The performance had a variety of different characters such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding hood, Rapunzel, Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, and even some puppeteering usage of animals such as cows and wolves.  Josh Narrow who is a second-semester student here at Saddleback who has been performing for a year and a half said that

“puppeteering the cow was his favorite character that I played.”  

Not only is this play considered a regular fairy tale that you are used to hearing when you were a kid, it’s where all the characters merged together trying to complete the same adventure.

The director of this play at Saddleback College known as Scott Farthing claims “this exquisite shows explorers the deeper philosophies of moral absolutism.”

“ Moral relativism authoritarianism pragmatic ethics just to name a few.”

This is one of Farthings’s favorite plays he ever directed because it describes the philosophies of each character having to try to define what’s right and wrong. Based on their acquisition of knowledge, and the characters have to make choices with real-life consequences.

These unique characters who were produced in the performance would get the audience absorbing of characters as it helps them define between what they wish for and what they want, being kind, turn aside from an argument, and taking responsibility.

“It isn’t just any longer just a merry-go-round, but rather a whole host of other magical and wonderful creations that are only limited to the imagination,” said Farthling.

The play has a very powerful structure of storytelling that it’s got the audience thinking if it were true then what would the next thing each character would do even after the play is over. It’s astonishing how passionate these actors were, and it showed how hard they’ve been practicing with their smiles, and optimism about being on stage.

The actor of little Red Riding hood “Rachel Blugrind” says “I have been acting for seven years and it’s her fourth show at Saddleback College .” “I love working in theatre and I love working with Professor Farthling, I think he’s absolutely amazing to work with.”

This was her first lead and it was very excited for Rachel to take that journey with all of her castmates which made her step out of her comfort zone, and out of all the shows she performed in, this was by far her favorite performance.

The guy who played Jack was Zach Thomas who is planning to major in musical theatre. This is his first performance at Saddleback College.

His favorite line and moment in the play was when he said “Giants In The Sky.” He said it just like the line in the old fairy tale called Jack and The Beanstalk.

“Many thanks to each of you for coming to support Saddleback College and these wonderful students” Farling said. 

No matter if you are an elder or a six-year-old it’s a performance for everyone to watch that takes you deep in your thoughts!