Fans react to Harry Styles’ new single

Harry Styles performs in a Denver show during Live on Tour in 2018. Lovclyhes | WikiCommons

 Former One Direction singer “As It Was” has fans feeling so many emotions

Pop singer Harry Styles dropped his first single “As It Was” on March 31, the first one from his new album “Harry’s House,” which will be dropping May 20.

The song is different from most of his previous ones like “Watermelon Sugar” or “Sign of the Times,” featuring a soft and upbeat rhythm sort of sounding like the band Wallows, a good example of it is “Remember When” which sounds kind of familiar like Style’s new song. The artist’s new song has a deep meaning behind the lyrics which talks about his parent’s divorce, meanwhile the rhythm is very cheerful.

Styles’ fan base went onto social media to share how they feel about the new single. Whether by writing a funny tweet or crying in front of a camera while listening to the song, their reactions are priceless.

Fan’s reactions on Twitter




Fan’s reactions on TikTok



♬ original sound – dylan


like the second i saw the lyrics i was like exCUSE ME?

♬ As It Was – Harry Styles


did not think harry would make me injure myself more than once

♬ original sound – mia?


HARRY BABE ITS SO GOOD #HARRYSTYLES #fyp #hs3 #asitwas #GameTok #harrystyles #onedirection #foryoupage

♬ As It Was – Harry Styles


do not disturb

♬ original sound – Connor Franta