Coachella festival draws multi-national crowd

(Courtney Johnson)

Courtney Johnson

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival brings together a crowd from across the world, all gathered together to celebrate a three-day concert experience. Located in Indio, California, many students from Saddleback College also make the trip to the desert to join in the festivities.

This year, a large line up of musicians and DJs took the stage. From one of the most renowned music legends, Paul McCartney, to new wave star Morrissey, an eclectic list of music played all weekend.

Not only local college students went to Coachella. All walks of life seem to have traveled to this event, ranging from many European countries, to even a crowd from New Zealand. Because of the vast differences in music types, all ages and types of people were able to come together.

Many consider Coachella the modern day Woodstock, with the camping atmosphere and the vibe of all being there for the love of music and art. For campers, the party never stopped. Techno and rap players created nightlife all night long.

The craze of “going green” has even made it big at Coachella. The trash facilities were separated with different types of recycling bins. Also, the art structures throughout the grounds were made from recycled products. Cans, bottles, and various objects of trash created large pieces of artwork to observe and pose for pictures in front of.

Restaurants from the area set up tents where all kinds of food were served, including Mexican, Greek, and Italian. The prices of drinks were low due to the economy, and because of the importance of keeping yourself hydrated in the heat.

The rows of tents and stages with performers captivated audiences with all different kinds of music. One tent played constant techno with performances by Felix da Housecat and other DJs. Another stage performed indie music all day, including Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band.

On the main stage, viewers watched bands like Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, The Cure, and, of course, Paul McCartney.

Coachella is a once-a-year event to watch music performances and enjoy a sense of unity with fellow music and art lovers.