Changes for ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Warzone’

“Call of Duty” released two new trailers for the upcoming new season. Activision/courtesy

The video game franchise “Call of Duty” teased fans with an inside look at new features for “Black Ops Cold War” and its battle royale counterpart, “Warzone” with the season two free update on Feb. 25.  While players remained stagnant with the same maps and game modes, these new trailers brought confidence that the further season would not disappoint.

As with every new season, “Call of Duty” introduces new rewards and tiers for the battle pass, along with the usual weapon balancing and quality of life fixes. What makes this update stand out are the significant changes coming to “Black Ops Cold War,” as well as a surprising addition to the game’s battle royal map, Verdansk.

“Call of Duty” released an official cinematic trailer on Feb. 16, delivering action-packed fighting sequences while showcasing new operator skins that will become available in the update. Although the explosions and cinematics make it feel more like a movie teaser, several vital moments allude to upcoming content for the game.

Starting with location, the trailer brings players into the jungles of Laos, Southeast Asia. This confirmed that a new jungle-themed map will be added to the game, providing a fresh experience away from maps players have seen since launch.

Along with a new map, the trailer revealed four new weapons that add diversity to the game’s current loadout options. Landing in the middle of the jungle, in-game characters hop off a helicopter with weapons never before seen. A crossbow makes an appearance along with a new submachine gun, assault rifle and sniper rifle.

As the cinematic trailer focused on showcasing the new map and operator skins, the official gameplay trailer, released Feb. 18, unveiled all the secrets players want to know.

Fans of the zombies game mode on “Black Ops Cold War” have a special treat coming their way as the trailer confirms the installment of “Outbreak.” Adding this brand new game mode, featuring a large-scale map in an open-world setting, will make the zombie experience even better.

Jumping from cliffs with snowmobiles to escorting an armored vehicle holding a monkey, “Outbreak” definitely offers players a different style of the zombie experience. The addition of cars and motorcycles also adds an exciting element to the game, as the trailer shows players using them as their main source of transportation. As the zombies game mode only offers two maps at the moment, Die Maschine and Firebase Z, “Outbreak” finally gives players more variety and reasons to keep playing the game.

As the trailer continued to showcase gameplay in “Outbreak,” it ends with a dramatic scene foreshadowing long-awaited changes to the “Warzone” map, Verdansk. A large cargo ship docks on the edge of a familiar point of interest in the map, known as the Zordaya prison complex, which confirms a new area in the game.

Since its debut in March 2020, Verdansk has only seen minor changes to the map, such as adding ziplines to reach the top of buildings and underground bunkers. While those changes added some variation, the map was still in danger of feeling stale to players. Adding a new point of interest adds more space to a map that holds 150 players and brings in fresh content that attracts new players.

It seems that season two of “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Warzone” finally adds gameplay that brings a new feeling to the game. With an entirely new game mode for zombies and expansions to Verdansk, the new season gives players something to look forward to and will surely be fun to play.