“Apex Legends” season seven review

Apex Legends season seven cover. pressakey.com via Flickr

“Apex Legends” is a battle royale multiplayer video game in which players can choose a certain legend with a specific ability to fight to become an “Apex Champion.” Every game totals 100 players. Since season six, “Apex Legends” has been teasing a new map and a new legend.

On Nov. 4, “Apex Legends” released its new season titled “Ascension.” The game can be played with up to three players.

This video game can be played on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. It has one unique feature that makes it different from other Battle Royale games like “Call of Duty: Warzone” and “Fortnite.” It features 14 characters who all have their own special abilities such as grappling, rolling thunder, toxic gas etc.

Content creators such as Lululuvely, SoaR Kobi and BacKoFFmyJanKz are expecting a huge change that will impact the game’s future. This game has seven seasons and each season, there are big releases such as maps, characters and updates which players have not seen coming.   

A new map named “Olympus” is featured in season seven. A change of scenery across the Apex community which has seen the same map titled “Worlds Edge” since season three and “Kings Canyon” since season one.

“Olympus was a city built on dreams,” “Apex Legends” released in a statement on their website. “A utopia floating in clouds above Psamathe, it was once a place where the brightest minds in the Outlands could gather and exchange ideas, leading to breakthroughs in the sciences and arts. However, all dreams come to an end, and this one ended explosively: an accident in an experimental research facility led to the creation of the Phase Rift (a massive bubble of Phase energy), and the Outlands’ best and brightest quickly abandoned the city.” 

“A new map was much needed for this game,” said Robert Mudd, an “Apex Legends player. “We have been stuck with the same two maps for six seasons so it is good to see a change.”

“Olympus” is a completely different map than players have seen in the past. This map features bright green gardens and space opera promenades which replaced rocks and dirt. 

Another new feature added into the game was a vehicle named “Trident,” which is a hover car. Like most games, they have followed the narrative of adding vehicles to the game.

Unlike most battle royale games, “Apex Legends” continues to grow across all platforms, even when new seasons get added. Another big announcement made for season seven was that it will be added to “Steam,” which is another video streaming platform.

Just like every new season, gun skins, weapon charms, apex packs and a new Battle Pass is released. Around the Apex community, most streamers and content creators believe this game has the best gunplay. One of the most liked guns in the game, the R-99, which is a rapid-fire SMG, is getting brought back out of care packages to being floor loot.

“My favorite change for season seven has to be the new map and the reintroduction of the R-99 to floor loot,” said Daniel Long, an “Apex Legends” player.

Another season means another new legend introduced into the game. The new highly anticipated legend “Horizon” is making her debut in the new season. Her new special abilities allow her to reverse the flow of gravity against opposing players, increase air control and reduce fall impacts and her ultimate ability: deploying a N.E.W.T which creates a black hole and pulls players into it.

With her control of gravity, she is a different kind of character the Apex community has not seen before. She can be used as an attacking character for close combat, which most players seem to enjoy. 

“Horizon is a different character that the “Apex Legends” community has not seen before,” said Franklin Suarez, an “Apex Legends” player. “From the content I’ve seen so far, most professional players like her on the new map, but question how she will play on the old map, Worlds Edge.”

Other characters have been buffed in season seven such as Mirage, whose clones now have 45 health instead of 25. Caustic, who deploys gas traps, sees an increase in damage for his traps but no longer has an effect that blinds enemies. Wattson, who has electric fences, sees a damage increase buff within her fences.  

“It will be interesting to see how she is used in ranked play,” said “Apex Legends” player Andrew Sisler. “With the professional players, they play more aggressive so they probably will not use her as much as Bloodhound or Wraith.”

After watching multiple videos from the content creators mentioned above, it is safe to say that season seven has been a huge success. The new map and vehicle have been an upgrade from previous seasons. 

As Respawn’s “Apex Legends” continues to grow the fan base shows major support and gameplay gradually gets  better.