‘Another View III’ opens at the artists’ reception

“Another View III,” Los Angeles Printmaking Society’s 21st National Juried Satellite Exhibit, opened in the Saddleback College art gallery on Oct. 22 to artists, students, staff and visitors at the artists’ reception from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The show features a variety of prints, from etchings to lithographs to woodcuts, that were specifically chosen by judges Vinita Voogd, Rick Reese (both printmaking instructors) and art gallery director Bob Rickerson. These judges filtered through 1,200 artworks from all over the country to find the 48 pieces shown in exhibit.

Rickerson was pleased with outcome of the show and the selection of the images.

“I wasn’t disappointed by any, but I was surprised by quite a few on how they looked,” Rickerson said. “I think the quality is very strong and it’s affordable.”

The two other judges, Voogd and Reese, were delighted by the scale of some of the pieces when they came to the gallery.

“It was really interesting and now that we’re looking at some of the artwork, and (art piece) we thought would be a 6 to 8 inch piece and we’re so excited about the scale,” Voogd said. “For this show we weren’t only looking at the content, but we were also looking at printmaking, but that wasn’t our main focus.”

Reese said, “We were looking for different approaches to printmaking, because some people are going to be really traditional with a piece and some people may be more contemporary. But our main focus was to find the most quality prints we could.”

Bart McHenry, dean of fine arts and technology said he thought it was an exciting installation for the gallery.

“It really shows the breadth of art that can be created in printmaking,” McHenry said. “It’s also honoring that we can display the work of so many different university professors from around the nation and give them the opportunity to display their work.”

In addition to the university professors, one former Saddleback student, Nathan Catlin, and one current student, Mariko Ishii, an art major, presented works at the exhibit as well. Ishii said she takes printmaking classes at Saddleback and has been working with this art form for over 20 years. Her piece, “Puddles,” was displayed in the show.

Another artist, Gail Jacobs, said she chose three recent pieces to submit to the exhibit and “Screen,” completed in 2012, was chosen.

“I like that it has images that are a little bit new for me, as well as ones that I work with more frequently,” Jacobs said. “I draw a lot out of my imagination and my landscape material and use some ancient text. I sort of take it all apart and put it back together.”

Student visitors Jennifer Waters, a 20-year-old art major and Emilee West, an 18-year old art major both were drawn to “Hilo” by Michael Marshall.

“I love the vibrant colors of this one, they kind of just jump off the page,” Waters said. “The black and white part almost looks like music notes.”

Voogd said, “I like the contrasting between the black and the white. It makes everything pop. I think that it can relate to everybody in a different way.”

Four pieces were sold at the reception, including Karla Hackenmiller’s “Liminal Spiral,” bought by Voogd’s husband Maarten. He said it reminded him of a famous 14th Century printmaker, Albrecht Dürer.

The exhibit will be displayed in the gallery until Nov. 15.