‘A Quiet Place’ is a parent’s worst nightmare

As if parenting was not hard enough

Most people with kids will describe the process of parenting as a “trial and error” experience. If they or their child does something wrong, you deal with it, treat it as a lesson and learn from it. It is the way of life to learn from past mistakes. John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place” gives us a world where the “trial and error” parenting method no longer works.

The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where if you make a sound a giant alien monster appears and attacks. The story centers on a family that have survived by following their one rule of staying absolutely silent.


With the ultimate nightmare for any parent being to lose a child, the opening scene leaves viewers absolutely speechless. While out scavenging for supplies, the father Lee (Krasinski) and the mother Evelyn, played by Krasinski’s wife Emily Blunt, don’t pay careful enough attention to the youngest of their three kids and witness the four-year-old get taken and killed by one of the aliens.

The movie then fast forwards to Evelyn (Blunt) being pregnant and the rest of the family continuing on with their survival. One of the main problems plaguing the parents, besides the obvious killer aliens out to rip anything that makes a noise apart, is how can they raise and protect their children.

The solution? There isn’t one. Not really. Other than Krasinski’s guilt-ridden character obsessively training his remaining children in the art of silence and controlling every aspect of their lives to keep them from making any form of mistake.


The true accomplishment of Krasinski’s horror film is the reaction it evokes from moviegoers who have children. Reviews continue to pour in highlighting the movie’s appeal to parental emotions.

“That was a hard movie to watch,” said Teresa Christensen, mother to two girls. “The first scene had my emotions on a rollercoaster to Hell. I called my oldest daughter as soon as I was out of the theater. As a parent, I cannot believe Krisinski could come up with that sort of storyline. I mean, the movie was fantastic, but then watching the dad die for his kids was like a nail through the heart.”

Christensen is not the only parent feeling the Krasinski affect. Jerry Bennington, a father of two, feels as though he has a connection to Krasinski’s character in the film.

“As a father, that movie was kind of torture especially since that first kid died,” Bennington said. “But it was very good. But torture. I agree with everything that dad did, I would do the same for my kids. I would even let a monster alien creature eat me if it meant they’d be safe.”

Krasinski has expressed that his film is an ode to his and his wife’s two children. It is supposed to represent the lengths he would go to protect them. With this fact in mind, another father and longtime fan of Krasinski, Phil Castos, is raving about this film.


Castos says, “John Krasinski is awesome for making this film,” said Castos. “The fact that he said this is for his two daughters is a super cool way to say ‘I love you’. I wish I could make a movie for my kids.”

Christensen, Bennington and Castos are three parents of many who are touched and horrified by this film, making it something people do not want to miss. The rollercoaster of emotions felt while sitting in that dark theater that is for the most part completely silent are a huge part of the draw. It is highly recommended that people see it before it leaves theaters.