Zombies and rewards streaks in Black Ops 2

Steven Jung

“Black Ops 2” came out last Tuesday, and there have been some noticed changes to the multiplayer.


Black Ops 2 finally released

One thing players I noticed that is a big change, is the kill streak system has become the score streak system. Rewards are based on how many points I earned in one life, which in previous games was based on kills.

The kill streaks are different as well, especially since part of the game takes place in the future.

There are some similar kill streaks such as a VTOL with gunner or attack dogs. The new rewards that caught my eye were the ones never in a previous “Call of Duty” games such as the Guardian, Dragonfire, and Swarm. The Guardian is a mini-microwave weapon that can stun and if exposed long enough can kill an enemy; in one match i was killed by it three times because i had no idea it was there and what was going on in my first multiplayer match.

One reward streak that is considered old and new is the Orbital VSAT. It can be considered new because it is a satellite in low orbit, which has never been a reward before but it reveals enemy movement and positions. The fact that it shows players where their enemies are is what makes it an old reward because revealing enemies has been in almost every known “Call of Duty” game whether it’s a spy plane or an unmanned UAV drone.

Another new feature in multiplayer is in the zombie mode known as “Tranzit.”

This game mode allowed me and other players to add additions to the bus as it took us from one location to another. There are several different stops on the bus route, which we found tools to add to the bus’ defenses. Two of my allies found two different ladders to allow us to be on top of the bus and i found two tools to make a riot shield out of a car door and a small ladder.

In the other two maps the I played a game mode called “Grief” where me and three others played against zombies and another team of four. As the I progressed through earning zombie kills or reviving team mates I earned new portraits or “emblem” like in multiplayer games such as team death match.

As I completed rounds and the modes “Grief” and “Tranzit” the new emblem I earned was a cross bones and recently I gained a skull, but I want to earn the skull with blue lights in the eyes. In order to earn the cross bones, the player must complete “Grief” in both the town and farm mapas far as I know because i completed one round in each, which was when i got the cross bones emblem.

In order to progress further however, you must also not only complete the town and farm map, but the bus map (Tranzit) as well. I have not completed “Tranzit” but I know I have to find clues towards something.

It appears that the publisher of “Call of Duty” has come up with some new features besides making three new zombie maps. Another new feature I liked is the world map that appears when i go looking for zombie game modes. There is only one area unlocked called “Green Run” but i assume that when the new downloadable content comes out they will add more maps and other area on the world map.

It is a wonder what new features will be made in the next Call of Duty zombie mode if they continue to make them.

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