Your health, your benefits

Angie L. Pineda


It has only been a few weeks since classes have begun and already the health center has been taken full advantage of according to Jeanne Harris-Caldwell, director of the health department.
Harris-Caldwell said that at least 45 to 55 students are visiting the clinic for medical reasons, and around 16 students will come for counseling or psychological needs. Estimably around 70 students are seeking help daily. 

The student health center is available for anyone who has paid the health fee at the end of registration, which was a requirement for enrollment. Along with these FREE health related products such as condoms and feminine hygienic items, they are also supplying: birth control, health counseling referrals, immunizations, low cost clinic referrals, low cost lab testing, pap smears, pregnancy testing, STD testing, and TB skin testing.

In addition, there is a College Mental Health Program Service that helps students deal with their personal challenges that effect their academic and life goals.
The health department has an outreach team that has been going from Accounting classes to English classes spreading awareness of the many benefits are given. They are especially reaching out towards the athletic department, going to soccer meetings and football meetings recommending the sources and tools that can be used towards their health.
The department located to the left of student service center, in SSC room 177 has 8 counselors, 2 clinical physicians, and 5 registered nurses that are dedicated to the students health and needs. And again, free of cost.
“We are here to help the students succeed, and they can do that when they are healthy”, Harris-Caldwell said.
There are many resources on the Saddleback health site, such as exercise tips, healthy cooking tips, and more
The health center advises to not replace your primary physician with their services and to use the center to treat temporary conditions. It is recommended to make appointments by phone but walk-ins are acceptable if in case of an emergency.All services have and will remain confidential for your own privacy.  

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