You struggle while movie theaters rake in the money

Shane Weld

The sound of paper crinkling can no longer be heard as you reach into your pocket to find it completely void of money.  Where did all your cash go? Now, the answer to this is simple, it was all spent on last Saturday night’s movie theater adventure.


Movie theater prices are out of control, almost robbery. Robbery is just putting it lightly. Of course, I know no one is actually putting a gun to your head and forcing you to watch a movie, but with prices upwards of $11 a ticket no wonder pirated movies are becoming so popular online.  Large size popcorn alone at the Spectrum’s Regal/Edwards movie theater in Irvine costs a whopping $8.


Now don’t get me wrong. There is nothing quite like the movie theater experience, with the crisp surround sound that makes you feel like your actually there, or the crystal clear twenty feet tall characters and scenery that look so impressive that it makes your 52 inch HD flat screen seem like something out of the stone age.


Regardless of how impressive the visuals or explosive the sound effects may be, when they are paying actors up to $10 million dollars a film, and directors are making more than you want to even know, you would think somehow ticket prices could be a little cheaper. I’m not bagging on moviemakers or actors, because I work in this industry myself, and know how much work gets put into making a film, but with these tough economic times I don’t think the average consumer has a lot of money to be wasting on seeing a movie.


My last gripe is about water. How is a necessity of life that flows free in nature, cost up to $5 dollars? When all it is, is a free liquid bottled up in a plastic container that probably doesn’t cost more than 20 cents to make. Once again, it is up to the consumer whether he or she buys it or not, but they will not let you bring any outside food or drinks in, so they could at least make accommodations much more affordable.


If movie theaters would just lower their prices on food and drink, I bet they would actually end up making more money long term wise. People would stop sneaking their own snacks and drinks in. Also, with tough times such as these people should be able to have a good laugh and see an entertaining film for a reasonable price.


Well if you are looking for a reasonable price to see a film, you are probably better off waiting for it to go to DVD.  Blockbuster and Netflix as well as other companies offer very cheap and affordable movie rentals that you can watch from the comfort of your own home, where the water is free.

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