Workshops for foreign languages

Steven Jung

A workshop for Faris-speaking students was held Thursday, Sept. 27 in SSC room 140 to help them enroll in school.

Sholeh Alizadeh held a question and answer session for the students and is willing to help them register step-by-step if required.

Alizadeh speaks to them in the Farsi because she claims most of the students don’t even speak English. She also helps them if they have residency issues or if they need help deciding on a major.

Most of the students she helps are from either from Iran or Afghanistan. She also assists the students in job hunting and is willing to help them with personal issues.

If Alizadeh doesn’t know the answer to a particular question, she knows other people in the school that can help such as Fariba Dai. Fariba is the person she sends students to if they have residency questions. If they have questions about academics or classes, then she directs them to Dr. Maryam Azary.

Alizadeh has only six group meetings this semester but students can schedule a one-on-one appointment. She considers herself a resource and referral person.

To further help students, if they can’t make it to school, then she is willing to conduct phone meetings and e-mail sessions. The Farsi-speaking students who do not speak English; make up 1 percent of the population and Alizadeh wants to make sure they receive the help they need to get a college education.

According to Nicole Ortega and Caroline Durdella, there are 1,675 students who had to learn English as a second language. Out of the 1,675; there are 18 Farsi-speaking students.

The reason students from Iran and Afghanistan come here to learn is because in their countries school is for the super rich and very intelligent people that would have a GPA of 4.0. All these students want is a chance to go to school; which to them seems out of reach in their own homeland.

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