Winter fashion 101

Janelle Green

Winter in California means many things but mainly cute and trendy outfits that don’t require snow boots and thermals from head to toe.

Metallic colors are always a hit for the cold seasons. Anything from glitter infested dresses worn over tights to a slick snow-kissed tie is acceptable, and usually applauded.

A winter pro for women this year is wedged kneehigh boots. Dark colors such as black, browns, and deep purples are reputable choices this season.

For many, the transition from what seems like nonstop summer to sudden chilliness is a rough one. But for Tia Reed, 18, business, simply adding a touch of warmth to already trendy outfits is the key.

“I’m still doing the big sunglasses thing of course, but now they’re more gray and brown tinted and not my usual blackout ones,” Reed said.

Despite the fact that Californians don’t necessarily need to bundle up in snow jackets, they are sure to be seen throughout the season. The mutual trend has already found its way to Saddleback and Irvine Valley College campus.

“I like big jackets; especially now because of this insanely freezing weather,” said Lisa Avila, 19, education. “Plus Jackets are always comfy and cozy.”

Winter fashion “no-no’s” include wearing summer clothing outside your heated home. This accounts for wearing Uggs with shorts or skirts.

“The only time that denim minis are acceptable in the cold is when you put heavy tights under them; otherwise you look like an idiot,”Reed said.

Although Orange County doesn’t experience negative degree weather, there are still winds this time of year and the usual rainy storms. Students agree that comfort should be put before trendy.

Some people, like Barbode Moshsegh, 18, undecided, keep warm but believe that the few who continue to wear minimum attire just want to show off.

“If they look good then who cares, let them freeze,” said Moshsegh. “But I wear two shirts and a sweater to keep warm.”

Layering clothes will ensure comfort from the cold. Thick leggings are a girl’s best friend this season, quickly emerging from one generation to the next, as if they were new.

The perfect universal, comfortable outfit is as easy as one, two, three. Just throw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, add a trench coat or tailored blazer, and swap the usual rainbow sandals for warm Uggs, Fugs (fake Uggs) or boots.

“You can’t go wrong with a scarf and floppy knit hat,” Reed said.

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