Why mean people suck

Kara Willingham

Mean people suck. This is kind of a harsh phrase, but completely true.

There are people that have the disposition of an R-rated Oscar the Grouch.

The reason is because being angry is a mask for insecurities and unhappiness.

These nasty people take out their jealousy and rage on peaceful, fun-loving, hardworking people because putting other people down makes them feel better.

That’s not cool.

Being blatantly disrespectful and complaining all the time does not win the popularity vote. This is not high school, so get over it.

Despite the fact that most of these people have at least one nice friend, they seem to find it difficult to understand that getting what they want is a whole lot easier when using sugar instead of spice.

Recently at a senior dance event in Irvine, I met 95-year-old Art Linkletter, a celebrity of the best kind. Well known for his show “Kids Say the Darndest Things” he has dedicated his life to interviewing children, writing books and volunteering. He has met and become friends with seven presidents and is a spokesperson for senior citizens.

His kindness and compassion is recognized and should be mirrored by society.

Those who have peace in their hearts and mind try with all their might to share it with whomever they come in contact with because why not?

Why not make the effort to brighten someone’s day with a smile or compliment?

Going out of your way to tell someone they did a good job might make you a friend.

Going out of your way to tell someone they failed or taking the credit for it yourself just makes them angry.

Time and time again we hear the phrase “treat others the way you would like to be treated”, yet how many actually act on it?Celebrities are in the public eye to perform and be appreciated.Granted some of them make bad choices, others work hard and are constantly giving.

Society has decided that pointing out other people’s flaws is the best way to feel significant. Countless magazines, blogs and websites are dedicated to trash talking.

Jealousy sucks too. Everyone gets a little jealous at times, but letting it take over can cause unnecessary problems and stress.Often times mean people are vain. There are most likely grouchy, unhappy, whiny people reading this and getting upset because they think it’s about them.

The world does not revolve around one person. The world is meant to be a loving place where people support each other and respect differences. Just because someone else is having a good day it doesn’t mean they are trying to ruin yours.

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