Where ASG money goes

Steven Jung

People may not know that the Associated Student Government Senate gets their funding from selling Associated Student Body stamps, or as they will be called next semester Gaucho Stamps.

Unlike, other school divisions who get their funding from elsewhere, the senate allocates money to clubs and groups that file in requests for funding.

The ASG also overlooks how each branch such as the Marketing Council, the Inter-club Council, or Judiciary branch are spending and then decides how much to give them the next semester.

The ASG senate gives each branch it’s money per semester but does not decide how the money is spent.

If the students do not like how the Parking Committee spends the money they receive, then the students need to complain to the committee not the senate. The senate also has their own budget but uses it for supplies, Homecoming and such.

If a branch wants to allocate more money but the students do not like how the money is being spent, then the senate can vote no on allocating additional funds. Ultimately whether or not a branch will get more money to spend is based on how the senate votes.

It can be looked at as the senate decides where the money goes, but the senate is usually told what the money is spent before they give additional funds to a branch.

If the students truly believe that the money by the divisions is not being spent properly, then perhaps they could complain to the senate and if the senate agrees, they can allocate less money to that division the following semester.

Some of the divisions use the funds to replace old tools in labs or maybe by new tools to improve learning. For example the science classes plan to build a brand new building in the future. None of the money for that building is from the ASG Senate; but the senate might allocate funds for the new equipment for the new labs in the building once it is built. It all depends what the division’s dean decides to spend the money on.

What the students should know about how the senate divides money among other organizations is that the senate only wants to make student life better; whether it would be in life in general or by academic standards.

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