When it comes to cultural food, authenticity definitely outweighs the norm

Sarah Komisky

When Mexican food is the lunch of choice for the day, Taco Bell, El Torito and Baja Fresh are the restaurants that have had locals endured for years. However, for those tired of Orange County’s version of Mexican food, Hacienda Mexican Grill is surely to satisfy your cultural craving.

Sandwiched between a preschool and another restaurant, the Hacienda may not be voted the best looking. With it’s small stature and simple décor, your attention will be directed only to the food and great service.

One visit to the Hacienda and you’ll quickly become family with the restaurant’s friendly owner Nicholas, who never ceases to greet his customers by name.

Keeping true to its name, The Hacienda gives the comfortable feeling of being at home with service that is impeccable and food that tastes like a homemade meal.

Although the Hacienda is a Mexican Restaurant, it also offers an array of different food choices such as Pancakes and Burgers. These choices are great, but it’s the Mexican dishes that are undoubtedly the frontrunners.

Unlike other Mexican restaurants that create an artificial version of a Mexican dish, you can taste the authenticity in every bite. The beauty of this little eatery is nothing is canned or pre-prepared. Everything is made when you order it and from scratch, right down to their guacamole.

Out of the many choices for outstanding Mexican food, The Hacienda’s Cheese Enchiladas win the most delectable dish. The combination dish comes with creamy beans, and savory rice.

Another hit is the taco bar that is open on Tuesdays with endless beef, fish, or chicken tacos and rice and beans. Talk about a taco Tuesday.

If you’re in the mood for breakfast, the Hacienda serves up other tasty treats such as their short stack, ham and eggs, and chorizo. Dessert is undeniable at The Hacienda.

With creamy light custard and caramel drizzle, this dessert serves as a great cherry on top of a satisfying meal.

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