Weekly ASG meeting overview

Taylor Rogers

“I call this senate meeting to order,” Waylae Gregoire, vice president of the Saddleback College ASG Senate, said with a clash of the gavel.

The members of the ASG Senate met last Thursday, where they not only brought up controversial subjects between the Lariat and themselves, but also important upcoming events around campus for the next year. 

Recent disagreements between the Lariat and the ASG came to a head in the beginning of the meeting, where they discussed sending a letter to a Lariat staff writer, who had published an opinion article on his view of the ASG budget. 

The beginning of the meeting was devoted to “Public Comments,” in which the senate took the time to review the letter. 

Public Comments is an opportunity where “members of the public may address the ASG Senate on any time that is within the subject matter of the ASG Senate,” according to the senate agenda.  

One of the main projects discussed was the Diversity Student Council Spring 2010 Mural Project. This workshop allows students to not only be a part of the school atmosphere, but also to be recognized as artists.  

There was a meeting on Oct. 20 for those students who want to be a part of this opportunity for their art to be seen by their peers, as well as the entire Saddleback College community. For more up-to-date information, visit lariatnews.com. 

There were discussions about the temporary relocation of the library for spring 2010.  

“The library will be completely renovated,” Matt Douraghi, Library Senate, said. “I do believe that classes on the outer edge will still be open, but classes within the library will be moved to the third floor.” 

This move will take effect in spring 2010 and will be a temporary move until July 2011. 

As part of “New Business,” there was a discussion of the allocation of funds for the Commerce Committee Sales Award. This scholarship is an incentive to sell ASG Fund Cards for any Saddleback student.  

“It is a scholarship for the top four sales people who pick up the cards and then sell them on or off campus,” Brent Palmer, Secretary of Commerce, said. “The winners will receive 50 cents per card they sell.” 

This scholarship is open to all students, who can pick up Fund Cards to sell in the ASG office Student Services Center Room 211.  

Lastly, there were discussions on how the college is trying to turn into a “Go Green” campus. One of the main points was that instead of using “blue books,” the school should use “green books.”  

“Green books use all recycled material to make them, while blue books use nothing but ‘virgin’ material, so we are just killing a lot of trees if we continue to use them,” Kinga Rutynowski, head of the Green Committee at Saddleback College, said. 

ASG plans to try to contact deans and faculty concerning switching from blue to green as their choice of test-taking materials.  

Issues such as these are discussed every Thursday in the ASG office at 1:30 p.m. during their senate meetings. The public is welcome to attend to either in order to make points or listen in on upcoming events and issues that are going on around campus.


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