We love you Conrad

Kianna Columna

“We love you Conrad, oh yes we do! We love you Conrad, and we’ll stay true.” This Conrad Birdie creed is repeated frequently throughout the musical. Anyone will leave this play with this tune stuck in his or her head.

Irvine Valley College is now in the musical production of Bye Bye Birdie. The theatre has refreshed the classic fifties tale of love, celebrities and obsessive teenagers. Last Friday was their opening show. Opening night had a good outcome in audience attendance and minimal errors by the cast.

IVC cast members have been practicing the musical since September. The last production of Bye Bye Birdie will be this coming Sunday, Nov. 14.

After the first scene, it appears that the play will be centered on the celebrity heartthrob, Conrad Birdie. His manager, Albert, is stressing over Birdie’s decision to join the army. His lovely secretary, Rosie Alvarez, comes up with a brilliant idea to promote Birdie’s final farewell. They decide that his last appearance will be a nationally televised goodbye, where he gives his last kiss before leaving to a young fan.

The play was defiantly enjoyable. It’s an appropriate musical for people of all ages. Humorous characters had memorable, funny lines. Keep a close watch on May, Albert’s mom. She will crack everyone up as she tries to keep her son away from the woman he loves. Conrad Birdie, played by Taylor Campbell, had a quiet singing voice. However, cast members inform that he lost his voice opening night. The musical had some catchy songs with impressive high notes by Jennifer Fink.

The weeks of practicing showed on the stage. It was an impressive musical with exciting dances, upbeat songs, and a surprising romance.


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