Vegan-friendly restaurant offers great service, food

Katie Mastro

Although filthy fast food joints, the worldwide domineering Starbucks chain and shabby sushi stations galore can be targeted in every shopping multiplex, vegetarian restaurants seem very hard to stumble upon these days.

However, The Wheel of Life, a charming little establishment lurking amongst other ethnically diverse restaurants in Irvine, provokes much attention-and for good reason.

Restaurant owners Victor and Victoria Lim prize their eatery on its 100 percent vegan menu, no MSG policy and fresh ingredients, ensuring both the health of their customers and the health of all the animals that are spared in the process.

The customer’s satisfaction and health is their top priority, and The Wheel’s menu items are guaranteed to be low in fat, have no cholesterol and be packed with rich flavor.

Serving both Thai and Chinese cuisine, this restaurant provides a variety of delightful dishes.

Even non-vegetarians will enjoy the marvelous creations The Wheel presents, including soup, salad, specialties, appetizers and desserts.

A customer may order a traditional Chinese dish, such as Beef and Broccoli at The Wheel, but, of course, the beef will be ingeniously crafted out of tofu.

This restaurant sneaks soy into virtually every menu item, from Kung pao shrimp to vegetarian BBQ spare ribs.

While customers can order entrees with tofu disguised as meat, they can also embrace tofu simply as it is by ordering such items as sizzling bean curd with basil and teriyaki tofu with special sauce.

But if tofu doesn’t tempt your taste buds whatsoever, there are several non-tofu, non-meat options as well, such as eggplant with basil and vegetable soup.

The Wheel of Life, which is ironically owned by a fourth generation vegan, offers a 10 percent-off discount, which is retrievable from their website:

The Wheel of Life is located off Culver in Irvine and is open from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. everyday except Tuesdays.

For more information, the Wheel’s phone number is (949) 551-8222.

Find it at 14370 Culver Dr. Suite 2G, Irvine, CA, 92640.

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