USC mentors community college students

Journalist and professor Marc Cooper lectures students on ethics. (Angie L. Pineda)

Angie L. Pineda

USC’s Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism invited all communications majors who are currently studying in community colleges to mentor, prep, and guide Oct. 26.
The event was anticipated by communication students and journalist students around California with speakers such as Geneva Overholser, Director at USC’s communication school, Gale Holland, journalist for the Los Angeles Times, Robert Hernandez, the “scientist” of web journalism, Marc Cooper, renowned journalist and author, and Stephen Randall, Deputy Editor of “Playboy.”
Many eager journalists filled the Annenberg School, rushing passed each other from the first level of the building to the second level, filling up each assigned class and auditorium.
In the workshops the students were able to grasp the character and stance of the experienced reporters and journalists.
Cooper stated his credentials before his lecture. His work has been in The Huffington Post, Harper’s, the Washington Post, New Yorker, Playboy and many others.  
Cooper urges the journalists to be transparent, and is adamant that everyone stays firm in what they believe. This is how he has developed his character in journalism. While some may ridicule your opinion, it’s better to have an opinion than to not have one at all he said.
“My default position is that I’m nice and polite, but then I can get really nasty.” Cooper said.
He continues to explain that there are 2.5 things to focus on while avoiding unethical decisions: Get information for the public, do not break the law, and try not to be deceitful.  






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Assistant professor Hernandez lectures students on web journalism. (Angie L. Pineda)

Outside of USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. (Angie L. Pineda)

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