Understanding the importance of modern American education

Natalie Ekstrand

Since his election, President Barrack Obama, has shown great interest in economic recovery on the domestic front.  Many of his plans involve more direct government involvement.  This new democratic frontier has spurred anxiety and fear in much of the nation.  His proposal for a more socialistic healthcare system is a bit ambiguous and uncertain.  Although more direct government control is scary, the foreseen benefits are undeniable.  Most recently Obama encouraged better funding for secondary education directly through government lending.

While at Hudson Valley Community College Obama voiced his desire for better government funding of American students’ education. Obama wishes to increase funding for loan and grant programs.  A new bill passed by the House last week calls for the removal of banks as the middleman in student loans.  The bill calls for an increase in funding for the Pell Grant program and makes the government an immediate lender.  Obama explains that this bill will save the federal government money and fund the education for America’s youth.

Although it is a bit scary to see this much government involvement, Obama’s programs are intelligent.  Overall I think his policies will be costly at first but benefit the United States greatly over time. In California educational funding has always been a war zone; this new bill brings hope to California students.  Obama’s ideas are pragmatic and he has the determination to see them through.  As long as Obama keeps a good head on his shoulders and listens to the people instead of completely taking the wheel his presidency could see us through this recession.  It is nice to finally see education as a part of the president’s agenda, and overall recovery plan.  

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