Uncovering the mysterious Time Capsule

Ana Castellanos

Standing before the library, next to a rocky bench and an ash tray, sealed with a black granite stone is the time capsule with the date September 24, 2001 and Saddleback’s logo was a project that’s purpose was to bring the faculty and students closer goes unnoticed six years later.

“There’s a time capsule?” asked, CJ Parks, ASG president of saddleback. “I didn’t even know there was a time capsule on campus.”

It was built in spring of 2001, with the faculty and students celebrating the 100th year of community colleges in America.There were 200 committees from Saddleback and Irvine Valley Colleges, members from the Board of Trustees, and the help of faculty and students that prepared for the event.

Fourteen mayors were invited, along with their council members to participate in activities that were held for a week. The activities were video taped and photographed and placed in the time capsule. The purpose of the event was to try and reduce the tension between the governance groups.

The goal that was achieved back in spring of 2001 was to share a vision among the members of both community colleges and contribute in positive ways to the strength of the institutions.

It was a closure that brought the students of the community colleges together among the variety and different groups that helped as a healing process and recognition of the efforts and achievements of the trustees and faculty association. As a result, over 40 programs were designed on both the campuses.No comments were made as to when the capsule will be dig up.

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