Tim Tebow jumps high

Zach Cavanagh/LARIAT STAFF

Besides the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics and the most-watched hockey game since 1980, which was also the highest-rated non-football sporting event since 2004, the biggest sports story over the weekend was, newsflash, Tim Tebow is a great athlete.

Sure, Sunday’s gold medal overtime thriller between the United States and Canada was cool and all, but it’s obvious that Tebow’s quarterback record-tying vertical leap is a much bigger deal in the broad scale of things.

And yes, this in the same hallowed halls as Jacoby Ford’s 4.28 second 40-yard dash, Mitch Petrus’ 45 bench press reps of 225 pounds, and the equally classic 6.45 second run through the three-cone drill by Scott Long.

Besides its April companion of the NFL Draft, it’s pretty obvious that the NFL Combine is a marquee of the sports year. It might be the headliner of the late winter and early spring.

The most international of international events, the Olympics, is peanuts compared to the Combine.

The NHL and NBA seasons? What are those?

And March Madness? Please. That’s child’s play.

Besides the Draft and the Combine, I don’t know if anything truly measures up to the greatness of these events.

Maybe, just maybe National Signing Day in February has a shot at the throne, but even that is a long shot.

I mean, truly, nothing can match the sheer ridiculousness of either of these events.
Seeing future professional athletes demonstrate that they are athletic is just astounding.

The spirit of competition? Move over. There’s a new sheriff in town.

Too bad it’s completely and abjectly idiotic.


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