This fashion show has fire… literally

Shane Weld

The sound of music could be heard a block away, booming out of the fashion show held in the parking lot of San Clemente Art Supply. This music was coming from the live band that was keeping the audience entertained while they waited for the show, hosted by designers Joseph Morris and Damien Mathis, to begin.

A large stage jutted down the middle of the parking lot and was surrounded by chairs on both sides. The rest of the parking lot consisted of booths where local artists gathered to show off their artwork. One artist even had free appetizers for the audience to enjoy.

The fashion show had everything, including food, such as lettuce wraps, and both white and red wines. Everywhere one looked, people had cups of wine in their hands.

With the night beginning to fall, the show began.  Fire dancers came to the stage – two young women twirling sticks with flames on them.

After the fire dancers finished mesmerizing the audience, the spotlights  lit up the runway, and the models strutted their stuff. They came bursting out, doing a runway walk. They would stop halfway, and do circles with other models, and then repeat this at the end of the runway. The attire for the first dress wear was more casual and was mainly tie-dyes.

Once the casual wear was finished, girls jetted out in beautiful black dresses, presenting the evening wear. This time the girls did a regular strut down the runway, which consisted of the normal walk all the way down and a spin at the end.

Overall, the designers presented a well-put together fashion show, with food, drinks, and live entertainment.

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