The truth about Mixed Martial Arts

Riley Tanner

Mixed Martial Arts has been the fastest growing sport in the world for almost fifteen years. Since the roman gladiators, mankind has flocked to arenas hosting man against man combat.

We can see this truth is as prevalent in our time as it was then. MMA can trace its roots back to the primitive and barbaric Pankration fighting system of ancient Greece, though it has been profoundly influenced by the various fighting style from around the globe.

Today, innumerable factions practice what are considered to be martial arts Aikido, Jiu Jitzu, Wushu, Krav Maga, and a host of others all constitute the profoundly diverse world that has become MMA.

Many different martial arts are practiced around the world. The reasons for its appeal are as varied as the locations they are found in.

People endeavor through these arts to harness the body’s natural internal energy sometimes referred to as chi and focus it toward emotional and spiritual health.

The balance found between mind and body through these exercises blows off steam, and enables the participant to release pent up frustration in a positive and productive fashion.

According to an informal poll taken around campus, Mixed Martial Arts is generally viewed in a positive light with a 65 percent approval rating, 20 percent undecided, and 7.5 percent with no idea what the sport was.

“I think Mixed Martial Arts is a great example of the most raw form of competition between two people,” Morgan Williamson, 21, creative writing said.

He watches the sport and conveyed his desire to learn someday.

More importantly, a staggering 24 percent of females interviewed expressed an intense flare of excitement and support for MMA.

“It’s a great pick-up line,” Marisa Vaninetti, 17, dance said.

Opinions ranged from vaguely supportive to actively and currently participating. The term “MMA” seems to have become synonymous with “UFC” with those who follow the sport.

The UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championships, is currently the biggest MMA promoter in the world.

This organization was successful due to the unique in the way it brought fighters from different parts of the world together to see how different martial art styles would match up.

Many of those questioned mentioned the physical fitness demanded by the sport. Its demanding nature forces those involved to attain a certain level of conditioning. Others brought up the defensive aspects of this sport.

Women in particular focused on its protective nature and liked its self-defensive themes. 

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