The pros and cons of the Three Strikes law

Lariat Editorial Board

Starting summer semester of 2012, the California law states that students can no longer take a class more than three times and students will only be allowed a second enrollment if they received a D,F, not passing grade, or a withdrawal.


  • The law will initially reserve seats for the more serious students that are in the class or trying to get into the class to transfer or earn a degree faster.
  • After taking a class three times, the student will either understand the material or will not. If they do not understand it then they must know to move on from the course.
  • The students GPA will be raised since they will be taking a course they could actually pass.
  • As this law will be in effect soon, the students will have more pressure to succeed and focus to earn a better grade.
  • Taking a class more than once is a waste of time already, so this law will essentially give you more time for other class to transfer sooner.
  • This law will save a lot of money.


  • Every student has a different life outside campus, so this law will conflict with students that may need to take classes unexpectedly due to personal issues.
  • A student may fail the first time for family problems, the second because a natural disaster, and the third because the student becomes deathly ill may be reasons to be excused.
  • Taking classes can be stressful and very difficult, so students may need a couple times to learn the material to pass the class.
  • Limiting students to three times does not help the economy, instead student’s money would be helping the current situation. 

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