The Learning Resource Center has an open house

The learning resource center is to help students achieve success. (Christopher Reza)

Steven Jung

The LRC had its open house this last Thursday, Feb. 28,  to show the community of Mission Viejo how it has improved, and will help with student success in the future.

The first half hour allowed people to have snacks and get seated as the looked around the new lobby on the second floor. Once the open house began some speakers, such as Dr. Patricia Flanigan, spoke about the new LRC.

“I am excited to come to work everyday,” Flanigan said. “You can’t help but see student success being show cased.”

Flanigan expressed the fact that by looking through the glass of the private tutoring rooms we’re able to show how students gather to study.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor also spoke of how different the building looks after the remodeling. “We moved into a radically different facility,” O’Connor said.

By a few different speakers, the older building model was called gray, dark and dingy.

The tour started on the second floor and moved to the third, where O’Connor spoke. According to O’Connor, some people felt like the older model confused others. It was as if people could not tell what the purpose of the building was.

“How we design our facilities determines how people will use them,” O’Connor said.

The building was founded in 1973 by Dr. Elizabeth “Anne” Haggerty. Haggerty attended the open house along with some of the board of trustees members.

The transformation of the building costs the school a total of $17 million. John Ozurovich told the Lariat that $11 million came from the California state through bonds. The other $6 million came from district funds.

After the presentation on the third floor, snacks for the guest were provided in a separate room. The tour then moved to Room 104 on the first floor. Larry Radden had a few faculty members, such as Veronica Obermeyer and Ariel Alexander, speak about how the new LRC has allowed them to improve their teaching methods by giving them access to a computer lab.

Bart McHenry stated that the LRC “is still in progress.” The remodeling might be done physically, but it sounds like the school is still planning to improve on some educational features around the building.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor addresses the audience on the third floor of the LRC. (Christopher Reza)

The audience begins finding their seats as the open house is about to begin. (Christopher Reza)

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