The freshman fifteen

Riley Tanner

Why won’t my favorite jeans fit anymore? This seemed to be the question for many new college students facing post high school weight gain.

The Freshman Fifteen as it has come to be known, preys upon the unwary and overworked students seeking to survive the struggles of their new and challenging college workload.

Many college pupils face weight gain shortly after relocating to their college campus where they are forced to deal with the new and unfamiliar environment.

Often having just moved out from home, these youngsters turn to less than healthy eating habits, having been cut off from the home cooked meals that once sustained them.

The Freshman Fifteen is the supposed fifteen pounds a student adds to their stature after fleeing the nest and beginning to live on their own.

This gain is usually a composition of several factors, each of which may drag the unprepared student outward from the belt buckle.

Foremost among these is the ever-present lure of fast and easy, but less than salubrious, eating establishments like fast food chains or the campus cafeteria.

Another challenge students face is the change of pace college brings, with a less structured time frame than they had in high school, a student may not exercise as frequently as they did before.

Furthermore, the higher levels of competition present on college campuses in athletics may deter many former athletes from joining teams, further restricting physical exertion.

With midterms looming, and papers piling up, the bleary eyed student may turn to eating late at night where the body has less time to utilize calories and is more likely to store excess calories as fat.

Compounding these obstructions is the party life present on most college campuses. Many scholars fall into the pitfall of habitual binge drinking, or merely up their intake of alcohol as it has become more socially acceptable and is easily available.

This deceptive substance boasts virtually no nutrient density and has a high calorie content.

Adding to alcohol’s already deteriorating nature is the fact that it is often consumed in large quantities and usually only late at night where the victim has no hope of burning it off.

Opinions around campus regarding the Freshman Fifteen ranged from the skeptic to the currently struggling.

While some students had never heard of the affliction, others bemoaned its seductive qualities and attested to its firm grasp.

Women in particular seemed affected by this strange malady. When questioned, many became irate and refused to answer further inquiries.

“It’s total bullshit. I’m a college student and I haven’t gained any weight. People just want another reason to shift the blame from their own laziness,” said Michael Meyers, 18, business management. “People need to take responsibility for themselves and stop pointing fingers.”

In order to combat their expanding waistlines, those hoping to avoid the pitfalls of the freshman fifteen are encouraged to exercise on a daily basis. In a mere twenty minutes, a set of push-ups or sit-ups can really make the difference in a day otherwise spent watching television or fighting the zombie hoard on a video game.

Many fatty or sugary foods are also easily avoidable once one learns of their self-destructive qualities. As a final tip, don’t put salt on anything, this substance is already very prevalent in out daily diet and adding more would just be counter productive. Our fates, or in this case, our fats, are quite literally in our hands.

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