The end is near: 2012 movie review

John Fredricks

I was a bit skeptical as to how this movie was going to be before seeing it. The trailers seemed to show the same scene over a 45 second period of time, leading me to believe that this would be the only good scene in the film. But to my luck, I was fortunate enough to catch the flick a day early before its release, and see whether my judgment was correct or not.

I’ll start off by saying happily that my judgements prior to viewing the movie were not accurrate, and I’ll even go into why this movie is awesome if you stick around.

For starters, the casting fit the film very well. You will see John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover and my second-favorite actor of all time, Woody Harrelson, make their own attempts to fight the fate of the apocalypse. There are a few up and comers that will stand out as well.

The effects of the film were not half bad, either. Sure, Hollywood has had its fair share of disaster films making Cs and Ds in the reviews, but I would say that they did it just right on this one. It’s not every day you get to see Los Angeles turn into an island, or a decent size swell take on the Himalayas.

The thing I liked most about 2012 was the epic rollercoaster of emotion it takes you on. I wouldn’t say I’m sensitive, but I couldn’t help but notice how throughout the entire film , the emotional vibe would change constantly. The scenes would play out a action scene, then out of nowhere a sad scene , and then something funny would happen, and so on. This keeps you on your feet the whole time, and it keeps the flick from lacking a dull moment.

Now, some of the storyline was a bit unreal, but last time I checked, that’s why they call it a ‘movie’in the first place.

The ending is one you can probably guess on your own and this may bother some. But why not a classic Hollywood ending? It’s good to leave the movies entertained, and you better for $11.50 a ticket.

It’s a good movie that is appropriate for any age group perhaps  (over 10?…), and it is defiantly worth seeing. I would have to end the review off with giving it an A-.( It would of got an A+ if Samuel L. Jackson was in it.

Please do not go hide yourself in a bunker when January 2012 rolls along…

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