The Democrat Project

Steven Jung

     The ASG Senate were addressed by professor Haggart, and began talking about the survey they want to make for students.

     Haggart was trying to get the asg involved with the Democratic Project. He wanted to inform students who were interested in participating in political jobs. Right now Haggart is only having students help out with the elections that are coming up in November.

     He intends to help students get internships with political jobs such as mayor, city council members, and many others. After the internships, then the students can apply for full-time jobs.

     He is also a supporter of prop 30 which he said, “It will help fund public schools, mainly K through 12; and community colleges.”

     Haggart told the senate that prop 30 is meant to supply schools with resources that the schools can not afford because of budget cuts or other problems the California school system might be facing.

     Another key reason for students getting involved in the Democratic Project is to help give back to the community.

     Allowing students to get jobs in the political offices is not the only goal of the organization. Haggart said, “We want to encourage young people to get involved with their city.” It is a way local residents can work with the city whether it is a job or volunteer work.

     The senate had other topics to talk about like approving the budget, which was unanimous since there were no objections. They also approved the ASB stamp change to the Gaucho Stamp. They also had a brief introduction with the Lariat’s co-editors-in-chief Zach Cavanagh and Kristen Wilcox.

     The two co-editors-in-chief simply stated that they only want to establish a relationship with the senate in order to report on events and issues to help keep the students informed.

     The senate also started to go over the survey of questions and came up with some new ideas and proposals.

     The senate decided to put the survey on an internet website and do pulls instead of a computer survey. They still have not decided whether to put it on the MySite from saddleback’s main page or on the senate facebook page.

     Some of the questions will ask what problems students are having in the library with internet services. They want to know if it is the Wi-Fi, the computers, or if both issues are the problem.

     The Wi-Fi problem might stem from the computers being too slow. Another problem might be whether a student uses a Mac or a PC; and the Wi-Fi might not even have a problem.

     The senate only wants to make things easier for students; they want the students to be encouraged to study on the school campus.

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