The Christian Students Club

Students find comfort in dropping off prayers. (Courtesy of Elizabeth Ortiz)

Elizabeth Ortiz


The Christian Students Club offers a ‘Free Prayers’ sign that can be found under a blue tarp in the Student Services Center quad area from 11:30a.m. to 2p.m., for anyone interested to do exactly that….pray.

A couple of members have been known to serenade the down and out in hopes of restoration. The goal is to create a safe place of uplifting conversation and leave with a comforting mindset in Christ.  Everyone is invited.

The club is also located at University of California Irvine and Irvine Valley College, but times are still being established due to the newness of the club.. 

“We chose a club status that doesn’t allow us to draw money from the school,” Travis Tatum said. “The idea is to create an atmosphere of fellowship with other believers of Jesus and edify one another by building each other up.”

Tatum has a bachelor’s degree in human relationships, and explained that the club has made him more knowledgeable in the Bible since he first attended.

“I’m encouraged by seeing other believers of Jesus and shining his light on campus,” Aria Arthur said. “This is where I meet my brother before we go home and it is a plus before having to study.”

There are home studies outside the club where about 20 members meet for a non- denominational Bible study each week, locations vary. 

The faculty advisor is Ruby Trott.

For more info contact:

UCI: Phil Bates  (949) 331-5141  

SSC : Travis Tatum  (831) 419-2090

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