Taylor’s Take


Saddleback showed what they are made of this week after having two weeks to think about that tough loss to El Camino and playing a lackluster first Quarter and a half to trail 14-0 midway through the second Quarter.

I thought it was a nice gamble going for it on frth down, trailing by 14 points in the second quarter, they converted and punched the football into the end zone moments later.

The whole team did a good job in rallying and getting it together after trailing by 14, the defense and special teams again led the way in the comeback with an interception return inside the red zone and a stellar blocked punt returned for what resulted in the game-winning touchdown!

That was really awesome and the game clinching field goal that put it out of reach. One thing I have noticed is how much better the team is coming out of the locker room after halftime.

The last year or two, they had been flat or let leads slip away in the third quarter and this game was a perfect example of a stellar way to finish a game and an opponent in the second half after trailing by 14 midway through the second quarter.

Saddleback finished off Riverside by scoring the last 24 points in the game!

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