Switchfoot’s musical style switch

Sarah Komisky

The work of Jon Forman has stood the test of time. Remaining popular since his band Switchfoot formed in the 90s, with six albums underhis belt and a hit song in the film “A Walk to Remember,” one would think he’s pretty established. Well, that is not the case.

Now that Switchfoot has officially declared themselves as an independent band, Foreman has siezed the opportunity to release some of his own work. Foreman has been releasing EP’s over the past year titled after the seasons.

These EP’s have taken a break from Switchfoot’s hard alternative rock and rest on a more acoustic, indie/folk foundation. “Fall” and “Winter” give melancholy tunes that set the mood for the seasons while “Spring” brings songs that bud and bloom into beautiful masterpieces.

“March (A Prelude to Spring)” is the first upbeat song on record and features indie/folk songstress Molly Jenson. This song is both jubilant and free spirited and gives a sense of rebirth appropriate for the Spring season.

“Love Isn’t Made,” best demonstrates Foreman’s knack to create beautiful orchestration with cellos and violins that complement Foreman’s scratchy voice. This song is a call to change the mindset on love noting that “Love isn’t made/Love doesn’t sell or pay/But we buy and sell our love away.”

“Baptize My Mind,” switches gears and has the flavor of artists Ray Lamontage or Jack Johnson. This song stands out as burst of light amidst the softer, slower tunes with Foreman’s newfound experimentation of the harmonica and wind instruments.

“Your Love Is Strong,” is Foreman’s second attempt to create a song based totally on scripture, based directly off The Lord’s Prayer. Although evasive at times when it comes to writing Christian music, Forman has gone back to his roots to write songs that pour out worship.

Each song is tailored and based on his own fragility, regret, conviction, and the need for forgiveness and reflect the same emotions and questions that our soul ponder.

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