Sweet alternatives to chocolate

Tameem Seraj

Chocolate is one of the essentials of Valentine’s Day. According to the National Confectioners Association, every year more than 30 million heart shaped boxes full of sweets are sold for Valentine’s Day.

But in a country that has one of the highest obesity rates, we look at healthy alternatives that will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your waistline.

Fruit is always a staple of any healthy diet and contains a good amount of sugar. If you are looking for a romantic fruit for Valentine’s Day try strawberries and pomegranates.

It’s no secret that all women love strawberries but what is not so commonly known is that pomegranates are considered an aphrodisiac fruit according to http://www.eatsomethingsexy.com/wordpress.

Pomegranates taste great and are full of antioxidants. Try cutting up the fruits and mixing them in a bowl or making a smoothie from them. If you want to go all out on dinner for your loved one, then stick to the classic aphrodisiac food, steamed oysters with butter.

Some of your favorite hot beverages can satisfy your chocolate craving without the high sugar content. Cocoa flavored coffee, tea, or simply some hot cocoa will please your taste buds without a toll on your hips. These hot drinks are perfect for snuggling up with your partner on Valentine’s Day.

You can also get your chocolate fill by pleasing a different sense, your nose.

Get your Valentine a gift that she loves to smell, but isn’t the cliché roses. Try buying some chocolate scented lotions or sprays. Or you could even try buying some chocolate scented candles. The chocolate aroma will fill the house and set the mood for Valentine’s Day.

Now if you simply can’t fight the urge to indulge in chocolates, there are healthy alternatives. An alternative to chocolate would be carob chips. Carob is naturally sweeter than chocolate but tastes bitter. Carob is low in fat and high in fiber and calcium. It is healthier than chocolate but has an acquired taste that may take a while.

Dark chocolate has the benefits of lowering risk of heart disease, stimulates production of endorphins for improved mood, and is full of antioxidants and minerals.

Another food that has many of these benefits is nuts, so try some dark chocolate covered nuts that would not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also improve your mood on Valentine’s Day.


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