Surplus auction nets big cash for school


Saddleback College held it’s annual surplus goods auction on Saturday, Nov. 1, collecting almost $16,742, more than twice as last year.

According Saddleback’s Director of Facilities, Planning and Pur-chasing Brandye D’Lena, it’s not just about the money. Surplus items are made available to other departments on Saddleback’s campus and other educational institutions.

Saddleback’s Child Development center received several surplus Apple iMac computers for the children to play games and Saddleback Unified School District took advantage of extra chairs and desks.

Wayne Kiethly, Saddleback’s warehouse manager, stated he was happy with how smooth the auction went. Approximately 100 people registered for the auction that began at 10 a.m. and finished by 1 p.m.

Professional bidders mixed with Saddleback staff, students and members from the community bid on items that included computers, gym lockers, microscopes, file cabinets and a golf cart.

Bids ranged from several hundred dollars for palleted computers and monitors to as low as $5 for file cabinets bunched in groups of six or seven at a time.

Kiethly stated that auctioned items were picked up quickly and that the warehouse has already begun to receive items for next year.

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