Summer school: simple solution or burn-out?

Summer should be a time for relaxation, not study hall.

We all know that summer school is available for us to take extra classes that maybe we didn’t have time for during the regular school year or didn’t do as well in, but are they worth the stress?

Summer school classes on average are only six weeks. That means you are cramming a 16-week lesson plan into just six small weeks. Yes, they are held more than twice a week, but putting so much information into your brain in such a short period of time can’t be healthy. With these types of classes, one usually experiences a test at least twice a week, giving you much less time to study, absorb the material and ready yourself for success.

We’ve worked hard all year long, at least most of us have, to get good grades so that we may eventually transfer to the college of our choice, become a huge success and have everyone love us. Shouldn’t we deserve a much-needed brake after all of this? Just look at the words summer school in there most simple form: summer and school. These, ladies and gentleman, are not two words that belong with one another. They don’t mix, like oil and water.

Summer implies hanging out, relaxing and having a good time. School, on the other hand, implies work, long nights, Red Bull and tests.

So for those of you who planned to take summer courses, maybe take another close look before you decide to commit to something that could just end up burning you out.

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