Summer Jobs: boring or beneficial?

The free time provided by summer vacation is perfect for picking up an extra job and making extra cash.

Most students have a packed schedule during the school year and can’t work enough to make any significant amount of money. Between classes, homework, lab hours and extracurricular activities, it’s difficult to fit in an extra shift or two, if there’s even have time for a job at all.

That’s why a summer job is perfect to make some extra cash.Summer vacation is almost three months of not having to go to class or do homework making it easy to fit a job into your schedule.

Even if you did take one or two summer classes, it would be easy to fit a job in. The summer courses are shorter and don’t require as much of your time. Especially because you won’t be taking as many of them as you might during the school year.

It sounds cliché to suggest a job painting houses or mowing your neighbor’s lawn, but these part time jobs are easy and stress free, so you can relax during your summer break. Plus, if you are working spare time, you can still go to the beach often. If you are one of those beach bums that lay out on the sand every summer day, you might consider a serving or hosting job at a restaurant. That way you can party on the beach during the day and go to work in the evening.

By the end of the summer, you will hopefully have enough money to get by later. Meaning you will be able to buy gas and other little things during the school year, based off of your money earned at a summer job.

Who knows, if you make enough money, you might be able to afford a short vacation before summer is over. You can blow off that last little bit of steam before starting the school year over again.

Road trip anyone?

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